Welcome to the era of WoltLab Suite 6.0!

Welcome to the era of WoltLab Suite 6.0!

Dear customers and fans of Darkwood.Design, the time has come! WoltLab Suite 6.0 is now ready to take your websites to the next level. We have already reported on the most important innovations here. Now you can find out when you can expect to see your favourite plugins.

The top 20 plugins and more

The 20 most popular plugins as well as all our styles are already now available for WoltLab Suite 6.0. This includes a very extensive update for the ticket system.

Note: Due to extensive testing process the updates appear with a small delay of 2-3 weeks in our shop. In the WoltLab Pluginstore the plugin updates are available directly after release.

The Top 40 and UdoZ Plugins

We are already working feverishly to make the Top 40 and UdoZ adopted plugins available within the next two months. A large part of the plugins is already waiting for release (JCoins, Community Bot...) and many more will follow in the next weeks.

We also have great news for all former UdoZ customers! As a thank you for your loyalty and support, we will provide a voucher with which you can purchase the 6.0 licences at a special low update price. You don't have to do anything else. Udo will inform you as soon as the plugins are available in our store.

Introductory discounts

In the WoltLab Pluginstore we offer a 10% discount on new purchases and update licences until 31.10.2023. So if you're quick you can save twice.

6.0 Plugin Roadmap

Attached is a list of our plugins that are already available for 6.0:

Pluginname Status
Aivor abgeschlossen
Aivor: Besser schreiben abgeschlossen
Aivor: Editor abgeschlossen
Aivor: Konversation abgeschlossen
Aivor: Forum abgeschlossen
Modern Shoutbox Pro abgeschlossen
Fake Benutzer abgeschlossen
Community Bot abgeschlossen
Teaser Slideshow Pro abgeschlossen
Konversation an alle abgeschlossen
Spenden Plugin abgeschlossen
Erweiterte Suche abgeschlossen
WoltLab Suite Ticketsystem abgeschlossen
E-Mail Erreichbarkeit bestätigen abgeschlossen
JCoins abgeschlossen
JCoins Shop abgeschlossen
JCoins Shop Geschenke abgeschlossen
SEO-Texte WBB abgeschlossen
SEO Texte Kategorie abgeschlossen
Themen pushen abgeschlossen
Download Log abgeschlossen
Feiertagslogo abgeschlossen
Box für Dateianhänge abgeschlossen
Einladung abgeschlossen
Themen der letzten 24 Stunden abgeschlossen
Gruppenleiter abgeschlossen
Erweiterte Konversationen (cChat) abgeschlossen
Admin-Tools abgeschlossen
Nächstes Thema abgeschlossen
WoltLab Suite: Chronik abgeschlossen
WoltLab Suite: Vorschläge abgeschlossen
Newsletter und E-Mail-Kurse abgeschlossen
Gamification in Bearbeitung
Box: Teamliste in Bearbeitung
Amazon Shortlink abgeschlossen
Inaktive Benutzer Automatisierung abgeschlossen
Gamification: Benutzer-Fortschritt (Box) abgeschlossen
Alternative "Wer ist hier?" Box abgeschlossen
Lesezeichen abgeschlossen
Automatische Benachrichtigungen in Bearbeitung
Account-Switcher/Benutzer verlinken in Bearbeitung
Benutzerkarte abgeschlossen
Exit Intent Popups abgeschlossen
Beworbene Umfragen abgeschlossen
Dateianhänge abgeschlossen
Adblocker-Erkennung und Protokollierung abgeschlossen
Quiz abgeschlossen
Points of Interest abgeschlossen
Tracker abgeschlossen
Community-Kasse abgeschlossen
Konversation ungelesen abgeschlossen
Giphy GIFs - GIFs für deine Community abgeschlossen
Minecraft Plugins abgeschlossen
+ Alle Stile abgeschlossen
+ Alle Erweiterungen für JCoins abgeschlossen
+ Alle Erweiterungen für Community Bot abgeschlossen

All plugins not listed will receive an update within the next 3 to 6 months, so you can get the most out of WoltLab Suite 6.0 in a timely manner.

If you miss a particular plugin in our update list that you think should be a priority, just leave us a comment. We will bring forward the update of this plugin to ensure that everyone can enjoy a seamless experience when upgrading to WoltLab Suite 6.0!

Until then, have fun with our plugins and WoltLab Suite 6.0!

Comments 23

  • I hope the account switcher also makes it towards "Completed" soon :)

  • Hi Team!

    I would like to go to WSC 6 in the next few days. However, I would only like to do this with the "User Profile Fields Access Control" plugin.

    Can you perhaps already foresee when the plugin will receive an update? Without the plugin, it won't work at all, because then the spammers will have a free hand again and can fill their profile fields with dubious links.

  • Is there a reason why it hasn't been activated yet?

    It's in the shop at WL. Forgotten?

    EUR 6.95

  • Community Bot - Absences extension is unfortunately still missing.

    Would be nice if this is not forgotten.

    And please also remember Community Bot - JCoins extension.

    Thank you

  • Hello,

    is there already an estimate when the Automatic Notifications plugin will be available?



  • Are these all the plugins that are still being worked on for Woltlab Suite 6.0?

    Or are there more plugins that need to be adapted?

    The ones listed above.

  • Hello,

    I'm still missing the addon "Unanswered Topics"

    is there also an update or a plugin update at the Woltlab Store?

    Thanks, greetings Siggi

  • Community Bot - JCoins extension is unfortunately still missing.

  • Hello, Udo's plugins are still missing

    Box "Members with anniversary"

    JCoins - Calendar extension

    Contact Log

    Viewed members

    Now called


    Unfortunately not available here in the shop. Is that still coming?

  • When can we expect an answer from UdoZ?

    I'm actually still waiting for all the updates for Woltlab 5.5

  • Do we have an expected updated date for the Account linker/switcher?

  • Is there anything new yet? When will the updates be available here?

  • Hey, what's the status on "conversation unread"? This is popular with us and still missing for us for a 6.0 update. Have a nice weekend and greetings bulinews

  • Hello Daniel, I only use the chronicle and invitations on my site. Can you estimate by when these two will be available updated? LG

  • Is there a new style coming again ??

  • Thanks for the effort! I wanted to get rid of this here once again.

    Since I can't find the user card in the list, I think I'll uninstall it for the time being. The priority seems to be outside the top 40 and I don't want to build up pointless pressure because of that. Then everyone will have to re-register. The next meeting will be in October and the location is already fixed.

    Greetings Torsten

  • Hey, what's the status of the WSC Connect?

  • Hello, is it possible to bring forward the plugin "Promoted Surveys"? I'm already using 6.0 and really need the plugin. I would be very grateful! Thank you very much and best regards!

  • Hi, thanks for the great update.

    I wanted to ask if the following plugins still get discounts:

    The updates to 6.0 are here, but the discount promotion hasn't been added yet. Would be great if that still comes.

    Thanks a lot and best regards

  • I urgently need the following plugins:

    • Minecraft: User Profile Field
    • Minecraft: Avatars
    • Minecraft Plugins - Branding Free
    • Minecraft: Server Integration

    Without these plugins I don't even need to think about upgrading to 6.0. That's why I would be happy if these plugins would get to 6.0 in a timely manner.

  • Hi! Can you already give a time direction for this plugin? Giphy GIFs - GIFs for your community

  • Opinion:

    Of course you feel mocked when you read that former UdoZ customers and customers here in the shop, "with a small delay of 2-3 weeks in our shop.... In the WoltLab Pluginstore the plugin updates are available directly after release" being held back. The Community Bot 6.0.0 RC 1 as an example is available in the WoltLab Plugin Store since 19 September ...

  • What about the showcase/showroom?
    I can't find it in the list and use this with large dataset in two projects.