6.0 updates and UdoZ plugins (+ voucher)


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  • I am currently compiling a list of all the plugins from UdoZ that I would like to use in WSC 6 and am looking to see if there are any upgrades available here. I noticed the following plugins, which I can't find here.

    • Box "Members with the most posts"
    • Mandatory topic
    • Pranger
    • Reactions

    They are also not listed in the overview. Why is that? Will they no longer exist? Or are they no longer needed?

  • @Daniel

    I'll just ask here before I open a ticket.

    If I buy the plugins from UdoZ here now, do I only buy them for version 6.0 or can I still use the plugins in 5.5.

    We are currently still using 5.5 because we still have to clarify some things internally before we go to 6.0 and we would like to offer some of the functions to our users.


  • @Daniel


    If you bought the plugin (showcase) in the WoltLab Plugin Store from UdoZ back then, do you also get the possibility to get the product via voucher code here? :)

    I wasn't able to read that :)

    Thank you for the answer. Have a nice evening.

  • Super, thanks.

    Then I'll make sure to push my projects to 6.0 by May.

  • Thanks for the opportunity to get the UdoZ plugins much cheaper with a voucher.

  • Since there is no special function or similar for the voucher code at Udo, I have contacted him on his website via conservation.


    Will the shop window plugin also find its way into your shop and the suggestion/ticket system?