New WSC Connect app launches this week!

Hello everyone,

Six months ago, we completed the beta of the new WSC Connect app and have been working diligently on the final version based on our findings. I am pleased to inform you that the launch of the new version is already in full swing.

For technical reasons, the next few days will still be a little bumpy, as plugins, interfaces and apps all have to run synchronously. For testing purposes, we have therefore already delivered the Android version to enable the live interface and plugins to be accepted. This means that the app will not work for a few days after the update.

Release process

  • Test run and releases:
    As already mentioned, the new Android app is already live, but cannot be used until the final release. This process will take about a week.
  • New dashboard:
    On 31 January 2024, we will switch off the old dashboard and launch our brand new website. What does this mean for you? A fresh, modern platform to which all your applications will move. But beware: every operator will have to re-register and re-link their app(s) to be able to manage them. The new dashboard is based on WoltLab Suite 6 and will be accessible as usual at (currently the old website is still there)
  • New interface and app submission:
    Our new interface will go live immediately after the website launch. At the same time, we are also submitting the new app to Apple.
  • New plugin:
    At the same time, we are releasing the new version of the WSC Connect plugin. This will ensure that your forums and the new app work together seamlessly. As soon as the plugin updates for 5.5 and 6.0 are available, you should install them directly so that the new app works


Procedure after release

  1. Have your details ready:
    You will need the correct email address and the app secret to log in. Further information will follow with the launch of the new dashboard on 31 January
  2. Create account:
    As soon as the new dashboard is live, operators will have to register there again.
  3. Link/register app:
    The old app can then be linked or a new app registered.
  4. Install new app:
    After registration, the new app can be used by all members.


  • The new WSC Connect app requires at least WoltLab Suite 5.5. Older versions can no longer use the app.
  • The Android app requires at least Android 8.0
  • The iOS app requires at least iOS 15.2

Final words

I would also like to apologise that it has been so quick. For some, it may be quicker than expected. But we have endeavoured to make the transition as easy and convenient as possible so that all users can have the best possible experience in just a few weeks.

We will be making a further announcement in the next few days with detailed instructions once everything is live. Until then, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Comments 5

  • After today's update to version 5.5.3, you can log in to the forums again via the new Android app.

  • So the page still looks the same for me and I can log in with my old data.

    Is something wrong here?

  • When will the changeover start today?

  • This is by far a milestone <3 thank you for this great work.

  • Do I understand correctly that Woltlab Suite 5.4.x will no longer be supported?