The new WSC Connect app

Hey folks,

I'm Lena and I'll be helping out here in future with interesting magazine articles about WoltLab and the plugins from Darkwood.Design. 🙂

After over a year of tinkering, testing and optimising, it's finally here: the brand new WSC Connect app. We're not talking about a minor update here, but a completely new development - fresh, bold and state-of-the-art!

What's new?

  • Sleek design, maximum content:
    We have swung the broom and thoroughly tidied up the design of the app. The result? More content on your screen and intuitive operation that is really fun to use.

Backend power thanks to WoltLab:
A lot has also happened under the bonnet. The WSC Connect website and the admin area are now based on WoltLab, which not only ensures rapid performance, but also makes further development child's play. New rules, more possibilities:
Attention, important! You now need an account on the website to log in to the app dashboard. Sounds like more work, but it has one big advantage: you can manage multiple apps and forums with just one login. How cool is that?

Important for forum operators!

Here are a few quick facts in advance:

  • The new plugin is already available and can be installed in 5.5 or 6.0 (the new plugin is a basic requirement for linking to the new app)
  • The new admin dashboard is already live. New users can register there (the old dashboard has been switched off)
  • The new 2.0.1 version has already been delivered to Google Play and the App Store and must be installed by all members of your site.

Important: For the app to work, all three points must be synchronised. This means that the new plugin must be installed, the registration/linking in the admin dashboard must be completed and the app must be updated to 2.0.1 on the users' devices.

Step-by-step instructions:

You can find detailed step-by-step instructions here: How can I connect an old existing app?

Never heard of WSC-Connect?

How to connect your forum to WSC-Connect is explained here: How can I register a new app?

Important info:

  • The app needs a new logo and a category from you. Without these things, your app will gradually become invisible, deactivated and later deleted.
  • Old apps that have not switched to the new dashboard by 01 June 2024 will be deactivated and later deleted. We want to keep the app clear and lean so that only really active forums are listed.

Important for app users!

Your forum admin must carry out the above steps so that the app runs in the new version 2.0. After the app update to 2.0.1 you have to log in again. If there are any problems, reinstalling the app may help.

Any questions?

You can already find lots of answers in the FAQ: Open FAQ

I'm really looking forward to your feedback and to a lively exchange in the comments!

Comments 5

  • I'm going to uninstall it again, I keep getting error messages

  • Hello,

    Thanks for the app, but my users are complaining that they can't click on the come back button, the button is missing or how can this be solved?

    Here's the complaint as a quote


    1. Special characters in the password, which don't cause any problems in the web version, cause funny effects in the app: I am logged in to the app and can see my notifications and messages, but I am not logged in to the "Website" tab and get an error message saying that the password (already pre-filled by the app) is incorrect. Even after inserting the correct password from the password manager, it is not accepted... After I temporarily changed my password to one without special characters (only -_ and brackets), these problems disappeared. I can't say whether the error lies here in WSC Connect or somewhere in the caravan forum.

    2. I can't find a function in the app to go back a page: if I have opened and read a thread from the list of unread posts, I can't get back to the list. Android's back button takes me straight back to the app's home screen where I can select the forum I want. If I select the caravan forum there again, I land back on its start page. I couldn't find a back button in the app that takes me back to the last page


  • Just to clarify a question of understanding:

    • Is it intended that you can log in with your old login data? Or does EVERYONE have to register again?
    • I get an error when I try to log in with my old data in the new dashboard that the email is not known.

    Since you only read in every news so far that the old dashboard is / was switched off, but it is not clear from this whether the old user data has been migrated to the new system, I'll ask here.


  • Which site is the right one now? or wsc-connect?

  • Hello, I'm looking forward to the new app :).

    At the moment I can't access the new dashboard on my smartphone, regardless of the browser and despite clearing the cache. I get the old one displayed.