Hello Daniel,

I don't know if you are aware of it or not, but EVERY time I post something on the Woltlab Forum regarding the subject matter of AI,

there is a Woltlab forum member thereon by the User Name of "Aethior", who soon thereafter submits as many posts as possible to

"over-ride" my comments - OR comments made to my posts, on AI.

Just a few minutes ago, I made a post in the Thread I have on-going which relates to the development and advancement of AI,

bringing to the attention of anyone who may be concerned about this apparent forum "flooding" with regard to opposing

(and shutting out) posts related to a serious discussion on AI.

It is completely illogical to assume

this guy "Aethior" is making posts (forum flooding) out of mere "coincidence" !

I don't know where this is headed, but I take SERIOUS OBJECTION to this type of behavior on Woltlab Forums!


  • I don't understand what there is to do here. Therefore, I close.

  • Where's or what's your suggestion?

    • I have been active as a forum member on the Woltlab Forum for several years; and I have used Woltlab Forum Software for my Forums since 2015 I believe. I have currently several Apps with an up-to-date license.

      In all of that time, I have never seen or personally experienced deliberate "flooding" on Woltlab ....until the present time.

      Additionally, Woltlab Developers, such as Alexander for example, would never have let such behavior by someone using the Woltlab Forum to consistently continue such obnoxious behavior without at least a "warning" issued to such person or persons.

      And that is one of several reasons why I have stayed with Woltlab (rather switiching to some other forum software program).

      Apparently the subject matter of AI has really ruffled this individual's "tail feathers", e.g. Username, "Aethior";

      and more importantly, it is clear this individual doesn't like anyone (and of course that includes me)

      who supports the advancement of AI technology.

      Letting "Aethior" continue with his current behavior on Woltlab is an

      insult to anyone who uses Woltlab Forum Software.

      Just as importantly, any Independent Software Developer who has AI Plugin Software to sell on Woltlab

      should be just as annoyed by the action of "Aethior" (as I am) for what should be obvious reasons, e.g., financial.

      Dave J. Cantrall for "Ruff Seas"