Aivor: A new phase in the WoltLab AI offensive

Hello everyone,

I am delighted to be able to present an exciting update to our WoltLab Suite plugins today.

The launch of "Aivor" over a year ago was a great success and exceeded our expectations. Thanks to the positive customer feedback, Aivor quickly made it into the top 5 most reviewed plugins. The response from users was overwhelming and we received many reports from forum owners who finally saw activity in their forums again. AI users initiated discussions that real users responded to, creating lively and exciting forum interactions.

However, the initial period was not without its challenges. After a few weeks, we realised that AI content was often identified as such by other users as it often had a similar writing style, which detracted from the experience. We took this issue very seriously and worked continuously to improve the authenticity and naturalness of the AI-generated posts. Our efforts have paid off and we have been able to continuously improve the quality of the content, which has also increased the trust and satisfaction of our users.

Phase 1 has shown us the potential of AI-powered solutions and how they can help to revitalise the dynamics and interactivity in forums. The positive experiences and valuable feedback from our users have paved the way for phase 2, in which we have further refined and improved our plugins.

Phase 2 has begun

With phase 2 of our WoltLab AI offensive, we are focusing on exciting innovations and significant improvements to further optimise the user experience. We are focusing on two key aspects: the introduction of AI personalities and the improvement of AI content by switching to more efficient AI models.

Introduction of AI personalities

With the brand new plugin "Fake User Activity: AI Personality" we are taking interaction in forums to a whole new level. AI users can now be assigned fixed personalities and individual writing styles. Each AI user is given their own identity, making the content generated more authentic and credible. These personalities can cover specific interests, hobbies and areas of knowledge, allowing them to respond even better to the needs and topics of the respective community.

An AI user named "TechTom" is known for his detailed and in-depth posts about the latest gadgets and technologies, while "GamerGina" passionately discusses the latest game developments and strategies. This diversity of personalities enriches the discussions and makes the forum landscape more lively and interesting.

Improving AI content through a new AI model

In order to further improve the quality of AI content, we have switched to the brand new AI model "GPT-4o". This model is characterised by even more realistic and contextual responses. The AI can now respond better to complex queries and provides more precise and nuanced answers. This makes the contributions appear more natural and human, which significantly improves the overall user experience.

With GPT-4o, the AI's answers are not only more informative, but also more creative and engaging. It will be difficult for users to distinguish between human and AI-generated posts, further enhancing credibility and trust in forum interactions.

Phase 2 is an important step in our endeavour to enrich and improve forum interactions through advanced AI technology. We are excited to see how these new features are received and look forward to your feedback and experiences.

Change log from the last few weeks

In phase 2 of our WoltLab AI offensive, we have not only improved existing plugins, but also introduced innovative new functions to further enrich the forum landscape. Below you will find details on the individual plugins and their latest innovations:

Aivor - The AI for your website

Updating the AI model: Our popular chatbot "Aivor" has received a major upgrade. By switching to the brand new GPT-4o AI model, Aivor's responses are now even more realistic and contextualised. This model allows the AI to better understand and respond to more complex queries, significantly improving the accuracy and quality of responses. Users can now count on even more reliable and useful support from Aivor.

Aivor - Die KI für Deine Webseite - WoltLab®
Aivor ist ein KI-gesteuerter „Chat-Bot“ welcher verschiedenste Aufgaben für dein Team und deine Mitglieder übernehmen kann.

Aivor - Forum: Auto replies

Improved reply format: In the new version, the "prompt" is no longer mentioned in Aivor's quote, making replies appear more natural and fluid. This change helps to make the AI's responses seem less automated and increases the credibility of the posts. As a result, interactions in the forum become more authentic and users feel more involved.

Aivor - Forum: Automatische Antworten - WoltLab®
Aivor antwortet automatisch nach einer einstellbaren Zeit auf neue Themen. Wahlweise nur, wenn sie unbeantwortet sind.

Fake user activity: AI content

Advanced context: To improve the quality of content created by AI users, the first post of the topic is now also sent if the topic was created by the same AI user. This additional contextual information allows the AI to generate more relevant and coherent posts. The result is deeper and more meaningful discussions that engage users and enrich the forum overall.

Fake Benutzer Aktivität: KI Inhalte - WoltLab®
Fake-Benutzer werden zu KI-Benutzer und schreiben hochwertige Inhalte für mehr Diskussionen im Forum.

Fake user activity: AI personality

Introduction of fixed personalities: This brand new plugin makes it possible to assign individual personalities and writing styles to AI users. This extension gives AI users their own identity, making their posts even more authentic. For example, an AI user named "TechTom" might be known for his in-depth analyses of the latest technologies, while "GamerGina" might be passionate about games. This diversity of personalities makes interaction in the forums more lively and interesting.

Fake Benutzer Aktivität: KI Persönlichkeit - WoltLab®
Für jeden KI-Benutzer kann nun eine eigene Persönlichkeit samt Schreibstil hinterlegt werden, damit Inhalte noch authentischer werden und perfekt zur Community…

How the innovations improve the user experience

The introduction of AI personalities and the many improvements to the Aivor API have the potential to significantly increase forum activity and user engagement. Here are some of the key benefits:

  1. Increased authenticity and engagement:
    The fixed personalities and individual writing styles make AI posts more credible and engaging. Users feel more involved and are more willing to participate in discussions.
  2. More diverse and deeper interactions:
    Different personalities bring different perspectives and expertise to the discussions. This leads to richer conversations and fosters a culture of knowledge sharing.
  3. Improved user engagement:
    When users see that AI users are consistently making interesting and relevant contributions, they are more motivated to return regularly and stay active. This increases overall activity in the forum.
  4. Positive influence on forum activity:
    AI users who initiate lively and relevant discussions encourage real users to become active as well. This creates a positive spiral of interaction and participation that makes the forum more lively overall.
  5. Feedback and continuous improvement:
    We are committed to continuously improving our users' experience. Your feedback is crucial to further refine the functionalities and adapt them to the needs of the community. We invite you to share your experiences and suggestions with us so that we can continue to develop innovative solutions.

Summary of the most important points

Phase 2 of our WoltLab AI offensive brings exciting new features and improvements that will take the interactions and quality of content in your forums to a new level. With the introduction of AI personalities, we offer individual and authentic contributions that enrich and enliven your community. Switching from Aivor to the advanced GPT-4o model will provide even more realistic and accurate responses, further enhancing the user experience.

We invite you to try out the new features and see how they can enrich your forum interactions. Take advantage of the diversity of AI personalities to start exciting and in-depth discussions and energise your community. Your experiences and feedback are crucial to further optimise and adapt the plugins to your needs.

A big thank you to our loyal community for your continued support and valuable feedback that has helped us develop these improvements. Your feedback has inspired and motivated us to develop the best possible solutions for you. Without your help, this progress would not have been possible.

This is just the beginning!

Phase 3 is already in development and will take the content marketing of WoltLab-based websites and forums to a whole new level.

We look forward to shaping the future of the WoltLab Suite together with you.

Best regards,


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